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Crossing from the personal to the political, local to global, the first Nomadology book collects a selection of writing from the last 1.5 years of the project and presents it in beautiful pocket-sized form. >> More

>> More photos
from Hounslow now through europe postwar to Cornwall then - constructions in history and mythology

Phones repaired, unlocked and sold here say numerous LED signs
Pawn shops with jewellery abound
I think of reading Londonstani and the stolen phone industry these shops points to. Everyone has one... >> more

men an tol

Hate in the Heart of People's Park

"The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigour, and moral courage which it contained"
- John Stuart Mill

A cultural landmark... >> more

Mad America: The Great Alternatives Conference: Intro

On October 16th I flew from Oakland, California (thriving hub of cultural production in the modern world), to Omaha, Nebraska (...?), to visit a conference called Alternatives '09. The conference is... >> more

Hitch Hiker's Delight

i think my greatest satisfaction of the last four months of South East Asian travel would have to be washing my face, washing my feet, and taking a shit after 1000km's of hitch hiking over 3-4... >> more

The Beat Gen, 90s Hip Hop legends and Oriental Zen Lunacy

A late Tuesday night. Walking on my own through SF skyscraper chasms. The whiff of weed sinks like mist over the blocks around the club and I round a corner to its hazy epicentre and find a grin of... >> more

Australian Shame

Things that have made me ashamed of the Australian nation:

Australian Shame #1.

Moving into a large co-op (communal sharehouse) in Berkeley I was happy to find out that one of my housies had a... >> more

Entering the Great American Fruit and Nut Bowl: War Diaries, Inherited Madness and Other Things

The following is unpolished and downright grubby. But Tom Cho reassured me that we all need to write a few stinkers so we can refer back to and see how much we've come. Here's one for the... >> more

Some Thoughts on Travel

there is obviously something that we travellers are looking for,
or running from;
and it's sometimes the same thing.
some come to find themselves,
others to lose themselves,
and some just... >> more

Stuff in America you don't see on the TV

Stuff in America you donít see on the TV

- Bluejays.
- Micro-packaging and the extent of disposable waste. (I keep being given cutlery in plastic packagin which also contains little paper salt... >> more

Sierra Nevadas: Clarity, purity, PBJ's

By chance, the morning after flight, Iím roadtripping up highway 99 to the great Sierra Nevadas with random good fortune. I sit in the back of the car with a young Panamanian art-school grad with a... >> more

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