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Photo libraries -

the stone monuments of neolithic honkeys

Normally I shoot everything in wide angle; perhaps a result of growing up under skies the size of New Zealand. For some reason I set myself a challenge for photographing this trip. I only took a 90m 1.8 portrait lens, as a way of forcing myself to concentrate on people, detail, intimacy. At times it was great, but at times it was shit. You have to be really on your game and confident to get permission to stick a 90m lens in a complete stranger's face. It meant I took far less photos than usual. Though some are OK, and they definitely look different to my usual fare!

After Italo Calvino

If you could pick an airport to be stranded in...

adventures in swissland

aka nippon, aka japan

everyone should run away with the circus

photography form contributors to the IRIS photobook project.

ceremonial dances and moments from a homeland in east arnhemland

Sitting by day and writing; grab a camera by night and wander.

friends from the animal ans insect world

The opening weekend of Lyndal Jones' amazing art and sustainability project in Avoca, central Victoria.

some of the crazy shit you can buy.

So many photos of away. Here are some photos of home. happy birthday!

photos of the Riversong street art project I painted in Bangkok in January 2007

photos of things by Strider

Fairly obvious really

citt's teacup of pictures

New Year 2006 in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand.

A selection of the finest babies from Melbourne to Brisbane.

wandering iris, drinking in the neon lights, island life and carbon perfumes of Thailand

Vacant lots, lucky trees, rare graffiti, construction/deconstruction.

The progressive facial distortions of 10 days of silent meditation.

A few images from my world

What does everyone look like?

Slides from someone else's life.

photo's By Irish Dave

The street is a public theatre, a canvas to paint and project, to exhibit and to perform. This is a place to post photographs of street art, sculptures, theatre form around the world.. Open to everyone.

an experimant in keeping a photo diary, which I shall endeavour to update once a day... or thereabouts...

my mum's icy steady trigger finger turned to peacfulo ends

pee nui, pupeteer, eductor, anti-littering guy and rampaging homosexual is also one fo those people who carries a camera everywhere and flashes it at you like a thai forest monk's nipples flash at you in a strong breeze

Travel shots from the Beatnik Wilderness

Wabisabi is a word that in Tokyo is corrupted to mean stylish in the Prada handbag sense. The true meaning is more like what i equate with Zen art. It's about rustic stylistics. The art of nature.

I stumbled on this in Kyoto. Ginza and Kyoto are the "Wabisabi" capitals of Japan. Wabisabi is stylish, elegant, sedate. This place was like a puck ghetto. I talked to a student who said it was the cheapest accomodation you could find. I think about $50 a month. He recommended I check out the other dorm that was 100yo and even more ghetto. But I never found it.

photos from the Saritah tour down the east coast

A selection of magickal, mystical and earthy photos of the Fool's journey through the ancient lands of India and beyond...

backlog of old images

5 days of madness with 12 Kintore boys crawling all over and tearing apart Melbourne

need I say more. Oh ... burkhas.

sonamarg in the high himalayas in kashmir.

the parts were assembled in Malaysia, singapore, Taiwan PRC, PDR China... Some bits were designed in California. In my hands they have come home to east asia, where i i use them to record my experiences on my quest for their rightful owners.

NZ trip Mar 2005

mostly old (2003/2004) - didn't have a camera with me this time.

a few landscape portraits from our roadtrip between adelaide and melbourne - see the journal entry - "inbetween two states of being"

travelling with my father in january around the only hindu island of indonesia. despite it's touristic reputation i fell in love wwith this beautiful island, rich in so so many ways..

Pics taken between Alice Springs, Kintore (500km west) and Kiwikurra (700km west)

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