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Name: Saskia Anderson

Bio: flying by the seat of my pants

Photos: saskia's photo libraries

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Marmots don't live by the river.

Its a dusty world outside and a hot world inside. To open or not to open the window is the question.

Everyday now tiny linguistic fingers are rewiring my brain. I'm overhearing parts of stranger's conversations unintentionally. In between, when they are breathing, when its very slow.

We caught a taxi to a small town near Ulaanbaatar. A picnic in the wind. We throw rocks at ice blocks melting in the river. They make sounds like smashing glass.

A hungry cow approaches us. This is a bad time of year for them. The weather's fickle changes can quickly kill them, still weak from a long cold winter. The snow has melted and the rains not yet come. Leaving dry sandy patches of bare earth and air skin-crackingly dry.

We visit a fresh water spring and I see my bit of first Mongolian green popping out bravely from the brown dusty earth.

Spring is here. But it is far from any Spring I know.

Ode to Augustus Globulus Slug of the Sea

Augustus Globulus Slug of the Sea.
You teach me to wonder at the miracles of the deep.
You whose adaptations have turned you to sluggy gelatinousness.
Whose insides are wrapped in black seaweedy plasticity.

Oh Augustus we have found you dead!
Knowing not what life you kept under the ocean
(be it Indian or Southern: for we stand betwixt the two).

Augustus. We pray you to acquiesce to our curiosities.
Beguile us with tales of your former sluggy life.
Tell us of your mysteries so that we might behold their glory.

But in response to this short speech our hero Augustus Globulus was silent.
For, having already passed from this world, our dear Augustus, had nought but to do, but decompose.

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