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Name: Dan() MacKinlay

Bio: itinerant pamphleteer and minstrel

Photos: dan's photo libraries

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Lowest hanging fruit

why am i crying?

heaven and earth

A dash of ice crystals in the mid atmosphere refract rays of sun and glimmer yellow against the dusty pink sunset, reminding people of custard and beaches and raw meat and lense flares and other sublunary commonplace items that the earthbond can harmlessly project onto heavenly phenomena; later the sun will set and reveal an infinite void sewn with saucepans and belts and scorpions. i am riding across the sydney harbour bridge on a borrowed bicycle, where i am hiding in my friends houses and living in a sorta half way house of half-house-wayfaring so i can pretend i am somewhere i am not committed to.

i planned it badly and have nothing to live on; i wouldn't say that i have escaped the cash economy per se, but i seem to be living in the love economy, where the goodwill of my friends is feeding me for now. (thanks guys.) i am reminded of the weird mirror image pair of heavenly and earthly economies in chinese mythology, where the money sacrificed in earthly existence accrues to you in the afterlife. Right, i'm here to make money for a sacrifical burning, and to get the fuck out, possibly pausing briefly to make some nice dinners for all my manyfold sponsors.
ack! no, it's not true, australia, i don't intend to use you so. but this country fits ill right now, and it seems most natural to tolerate it by ignoring it. close my eyes and think of england. things seem disjointed. the people i came to see have moved on themselves. i get lost walking to the shops, there are stars in my eyes and they make it hard to see. i feel... homeless... or disembodied, watching myself from the outside, like that time betwen when your heart stops and you go down the tunnel of light, which is boarding gate 47 if you squint hard enough. What i mean is, this may take some adjusting.

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