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Back on the Horse

I felt it was high time I started blogging again. I did a trip earlier this year, a quite crazy trip in fact where I hardly stopped. I have almost no record of it save a few photos that are sitting on my hard-drive and others I got people to send me.

I also got re-inspired by you crazy Nomadology people and yr rockin book. Nice work!

I'm in Penang at the Freedom Film Festival which is put on by KOMAS, a quite inspiring video activist organisation based in Kuala Lumpur. The work being shown is mostly from grassroots film makers from Southeast Asia, with a particular focus on human rights.

I've always found that human rights discouse to be very strong amongst 'progressive' malaysians. I'm always a bit uneasy about the whole rights discourse but having not read my Agamben I can't articulate exactly why. Help! Anyone?

I'm here to promote EngageMedia and meet a bunch of film-makers to talk to them about getting their video work on the web. Hopefully I'll be doing a presentation over the weekend of all of this.

Meantime, back to the stupidity of working on a Saturday in a net cafe on a tropical island.

static dislocation

I've been back in Australia almost 1 week now and I may as well still be travelling, the couch surfing continues until I manage to find a house. I've probably done this operation 10 times before, I seem to often float into Melbourne completely without any base and then have to go about setting it up again. There's something familiar about it and also something I loathe. There is nothing worse that not having your own space when you are actually at "home".

It's amazing how much you can notice changes in such a small time frame. In just three months Lygon st in Brunswick has continued to gentrify rapidly. There are a bunch of new bars and cafes that seem to have sprung from no where and more apartments completed and I felt i could notice a change in the demographic. More stylish mullets, more expensive sunglasses, more hip, defected faces dressed in over priced op shop clothes. You don't have to leave home to go somewhere different, often it comes to you whether you like it or not. (insert caveat: and yeah i know that when the first cafes started to open up we were some of the first ones there, so fuck, there is no purity or outside but how do you resist this shit, how come good coffee means housing prices have to go up?)

So perhaps I need to do some Melbourne travelling and find a new suburb. We'll see. The space of the city seems increasingly dislocated (or maybe that is just me again), people move further out, people move on. The ground gets prepared for the next round of gentrification.

Perhaps I got brought up with an unrealistic sense of permanence, under the mountain and beside the river. They were the constants that held my sense of place together. The city is not like that, the city constantly moves, changes, shifts and has no respect for time or place, only capital counts and it's clock has a rhythm that can only clash with rhythmical or circular conceptions of time. Not that I am interested in holding up the traditional as inherently good, sometimes traditional social relations needs to be transformed but capital now days has been unleashed from any ethical or moral constraints what so ever. Christianity dictated that shops couldn't open on Sunday, no work at least for one day. So it would have been better if it was for 7 days but hey I am not against those kind of restraints being in place, even if they are just half-measures.

Check out Virilio's "speed and politics" for more the obliteration of time and space through technology, war and capital, it's one way of approaching the dislocation of our age.

So is the question being posed by the URL of this blog that nomadology is the answer to dislocation? I am not sure it is, it might just delay it for the time being, but then there is no answer, only more questions, or as the zapatistas would say "there is no path, we make the path as we walk, let us walk".

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