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Name: gathaka Guyla

Bio: slowly moving between western and aborigianal australia

Photos: gathaka's photo libraries

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from Hounslow now through europe postwar to Cornwall then - constructions in history and mythology

Phones repaired, unlocked and sold here say numerous LED signs
Pawn shops with jewellery abound
I think of reading Londonstani and the stolen phone industry these shops points to. Everyone has one now. Everyone needs to support the habit.
KFC for brief sensation of affluence
A mix of the Subcontinent, Eastern Europe and African people and languages
Echoes from a fading empires and new Europes open borders
Im surrounded by languages I dont understand on the island where most of my genes spent most of the past few millennia but in that scale even my language is a recent arrival. I reach back to the stone circles and graves that 5000 years of forgetting has cleared the space for me to create a mythology of my own editing if not making. Forgotten rituals synchronising us with season and place but what has been built over the past few hundred years in Hounslow has only been synchronised with the economy and all I see is people scrambling up the crumbling walls of empire. The view that awaits those who rech the top does not interest me.
Hounslow is an affordable place for recent arrivals
The Irish were here before the Indians, fleeing Africa, they came 40 years ago
Now they come to escape the poverty left in communisms wake
Streets of rubbish and decay and smashed bottles
Drinking lads in the park
3 Bobbies in hats and disposable gloves search 3 SE Asian boys
all six of them look like foreigners as the subcontinent boys play cricket
The Union Jack claims a few grimy shop fronts for the nation
What will happen as things get tighter and fear breathes more life into the nationalism that shelters the disempowered from contemplating their place within society.
The Euro cup is on, last time I was here it was the world cup; Soccer players are such melodramatic princesses the European nations battle it out along now familiar national lines. These lines have danced so much even in my own lifetime and yet they also run deep beyond view in the distant past. The English press tut tuts the shows of aggressive nationalism in the former eastern block countries with Nazi salutes and monkey noises when black men near the ball. No reports of English soccer hoodlums as yet.
Our Polish neighbour says they are a small minority giving the rest a bad name. Who is right? So much conflicting information and we filter it with our own prejudice.
I look through my eyes that structure what I see with my favourite dimensions
Self-empowerment issues
Insecurity issues
Identity issues
Desire and fear driven behaviour
Authoritarian characters submitting or dominating
A talk back show responds to a recent study showing black men nearly 40 times more likely to be stopped by police, Asians something like eight, than white men. A black man talks of when he was younger he would nick anything if it was not bolted down and that while unemployed white men are happy to sit at home and live a welfare impoverished passive life black and Asian men still feel the responsibility to support their families. That is his lived experience and I can accommodate it. A lot of affirmation of police prejudice but a counter narrative that it has improved as the (all male) callers say it was worse when they were younger but maybe that is because they are no longer the target younger demographic. One bloke says things improved when he tinted his windows I wondered of he sold window tinting
A few days later the news comes though that Rodney King has drowned in a swimming pool
I have just finished Tony Judt Postware a history of Europe since 1945 published in 2005. It flowed through almost 100 years at an engaging pace exploring the ebb and flow of history as Eastern and Western Europe took their own path out of the wreckage of the two world wars to eventually reconverge into the European we see today: A diverse mix of nations with commonalities and differences. A cosmopolitan elite in the high paid sectors such as finance working and playing across the continent and a class anchored in their own local cultural and geographic with little awareness beyond sport of their neighbours. The two acceptations being the English with their relative affluence that enable them to travel but remain insular and ignorant of cultures they scorn from within their cultural prism and the low payed workers of centres like London escaping the poverty of their homelands.
How a people collectively remember their history shapes the character of their nation. Myth making is more an editing and emphasising process than a creative one. Occasional fabrications are required when truths are not available for manipulation. What is happening to media ownership in Australia? Who is telling the stories for us and for what ends?
A significant part of what happened after the Second World War was how the devastated communities dealt with the reproductions of the dark and weak sides they had shown. Denial and obsession with moving forward seems to have been the order of the day in the west. Surviving repression was fashionable in the east. The French capitulation and subsequent collaboration under Vichy was pretty much the model with varying themes across east and west Europe alike. The Holocaust of the Jews and other minorities was not just the Nazi death camps but also the neighbours who had informed to gain favour. It was not just the Jews either but most regions had groups persecuting one another. The Jews were the universal other; little surprise some were raised by their parents in complete ignorance of their heritage in Eastern Europe. Extermination and irradiation of the other was not without precedent and happened too easily in Kosovo. The pre Christian cultures irradiation was pretty much a complete success with the last touches being the state sanctioned burning of heretics. How many cultures and languages were lost in the last couple of centauries? How many more will we lose?
The Poms were a spectacle flocking to the spectacle of their queens jubilee. I guess it brings them together and gives a sense of continuity and security in what are indeed troubled times. The Olympics is the next big event in London and media speculation of celebrating the old English village as the roots of the nation seem strange in this multicultural end of town.
Not just the poor, but also the middle class in Greece are in food lines as it falls apart. That we live in physical reality not financial abstraction is bitting hard on the arses of those who had their head in the sand. When they look up do they see the cause of their pain? The rise of nationalism and politics of fear across the globe suggests not.
It is complex and people are in a rush and want the simple answer. Does anybody else wonder about a link between wanting everything in black and white in politics and history and autism? Some studies in neuroscience on brain plasticity have found a link and proposed a reasonable mechanism between white noise and autism. There is certainly a lot more white noise in our modern cities than the old ones. The low flying air traffic over Hounslow to and from Heathrow pass every few minutes above the loft window in our attic room.

The wind blew hard in Cornwall as our travels must have been something of a pilgrimage to the Neolithic sights. Stones circles, graves and standing stones aligned with the cycles of sun moon and season. Landscape and geology spoke to me as it does of the slow arc of time. It is reassuring and healing. Rebirth on the winter solstice as the sun rises after the longest night to shed light on a place where the ashes of the dead awaited. Back home in the top the local culture did not build monuments but wove the fabric of being into the season cycles of the plants and animals to ground our being in our physical reality.
Another of my favourite cultural comparisons or contrasts: The cycle of time be it pagan, eastern or indigenous compared to the line time of the Abraham traditions. Cycles and production lines: when the culture of beginning and end has come to its end may we be part of sustainable cycles that again become the predominant mode of being.
Glastonbury was a little like Byron Bay with its alternative aesthetic obsession. It is the site of Mythic Avalon, once a Tor surrounded by a lake, now drained and cultivated with the Tor topped by a Christian construction. Was there once a stone circle? We were not there long enough to find people who went beyond the surface but one place, White spring, made into a subterranean pagan temple had a feeling of sacred beyond the Christian era buildings that reminded me only of politics and power. As the cool waters flowed past deities of goddess and deer shaman I could imagine a culture woven harmoniously into its landscape and seasons.
The last stop on this Neolithic pilgrimage way waylands smithy. -Wayland being derived through Saxon myth and then Norse to the god or elvan worker of metals. It is a burren facing south. A little investigation finds interpretations (explanation, deduction or speculation?) suggesting that the cup mark holes I have seen all over the place are star constellations and orientation linking to more sophisticated astronomical mythologies and astronomical navigation and regional delineation. A lifetime could be spent exploring the details and the possibilities of what once was, what still is and what will be
My imagination has been well fed and has turned to dreamings of what might be back home at Lakewood

men an tol

trethevy quoit

glastonbury tor (once was Avalon)

merry maidens

a place outside of time needing protection

Finding the place

I have found a place that takes me outside of time
As my waking self I walk in my dreams
The farmer in me plants native bush food trees and waters them
The nomad in me wanders the bush in search of the seasons offerings
I eat native fruits in a wonderland
i sit in a cool cave surounded by greens

I was asked if I had German linage
I guess yes… distantly through Saxony
Intellectually through Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Mann, Hess…
I went out with an Austrian for 3 years…
But the strongest old world culture I identify with is Celtic
So I know what it means to eat the fruits in this fairy land
Allow it to sustain you and you become it and can never leave
Wander you may
But you wander from yourself

A search for green plum on my bike from tree to tree
(Latin name: buchanania obovata or in Yolngu Yaku: munydjutj)
The first day of holidays with an early morning coffee under my belt
In search of breakfast
Deeper I wander into unknown open woodlands
Not many green plums
What I find is divine
Down a hill and the bush opens out into grassland and Lophostemon lactifluus
Occasional Pandanus and tee trees
This place looks like it holds water
Another swamp?
I go on excited by the prospect of the unknown
A green wall stands in the distance where I expected to see the woodlands dissolving the horizon
A tropical rainforest
Various trees tower above and Livistona benthamii burst into various stages of being
Awestruck wanders find the red bush apple
Black plumbs cover the ground beneath their shading canopy
Enough for a light breakfast
A small escarpment encircles the upstream side of the rainforest
A few figs on what is most likely rock figs (maybe small banyans)
Then the jackpot – a bountiful cluster fig
Eat my fill and fill a handkerchief to share later

Looking from outside of time

No water flows yet
But falls and swimming holes await real rain
Caves undercut the ironstone pan
In places it collapses and what was the dry open woodland on thin soils falls and becomes damp rainforest, cool and shaded
Greater soil capacity beneath the ironstone pan holds the moisture that sustains the rainforest community over the dry season
A glance further back in time sees the rainforest community and water falls at work eating upstream into the open woodland.
The opposite is happening downstream
As the rainforest cuts its way upstream the rainforest gully widens further from the source
The other end of the community gets less water early and late in the wet season
At the downstream boundary a battle rages with invasive grasslands
They wield fire to conquer the land
The shade and the moisture hold the grass and its fire at bay but as the waters become scarce the grassland advances
So over time this community, like a giant organism, moves and creates its own homeostatic environment.
Some of the giant trees are over 100 years old
Giant Ents who have forgotten what fire is
But the enemy is at the gates
One ancient giant lays fallen, burnt amidst new invaders
Mission and Gamba Grass
They burn hotter than Spear Grass and are thus more voracious invaders
It is chewing away the tail of the rainforest faster than the head is growing
Will the community be still here when a new dynamic equilibrium is established?
Will little pocket communities like this be able to move fast enough if climate change makes this little catchment a little dryer?

Here now

Green plumb is a woodland species not found in rainforest and a few walks above the escarpment in search of them are hard work in the approaching midday build up heat. It was so cool in the rainforest the woodland heat surprises me. I return to the cool beneath the canopy. This place is a sanctuary.

The mission grass is invading from all sides.
Most advances have been made from the flanks where it has climbed down the escarpment and established a base camp up to 50 meters wide in places.
Did the spear grass ever get this far?
The rainforest community would not be 100 meters wide
It asks for help to keep out the fire and to keep it alive

Who is responsible for this land?
This is not a general question to prompt some nebulous waffle
Specifically, who is responsible for this land?
I have no idea if it is private or public.
i have research to do... or should i just start work regardless?
I travel forward and backwards in time to test the different courses of action
There is a choice:
A mission or gamba grass waste land (for their heat eventually kills even the woodland trees where spear grass used to spare them)
Or a healthy rainforest community bountiful in fruit delights advancing from one fire break to another like trench warfare.

The freedom of it being someone else’s responsibility – talk and not act - or acknowledge that I have eaten its fruit and am indebted… again the gift of purpose.

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