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Name: aggyk

Bio: aggy is a media making ratbag who has a lot to say but never the time to say it


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actually i didn't even last 2 weeks; i hightailed it. split the city and landed up here in a cottage somewhere in the hills near mur-bah.

my eyes still sting and even my blood feels tired. i'm eating blue cheese and watching cheerleader cheese. there is an unwinding. a sense of space.

this house is full of familiar tea pots, nut jars and posters that i lived with a few years ago in coober pedy. desert shapes in the tropics. it's a somewhat odd mix but it feels just right.

my days are strange. i am letting it all burble out, the months of movement, the constant state of being around people and being in other's spaces. my head is jumping, colliding memories of disconnected places and people. throwing up odd moments that don't fit at all. i want to make a new zine. i want to write it all down. i want to emerge and find a different world. one where things can truly be risked and unconventional.

but i'm standing stunned in coles staring dumbly at avocados imported from nz when i just drove past street vendors selling local organic ones that were cheaper.

i'm marvelling at the mad mad madness of the world. but to balance the madness my heart skips when i start reading about knitting circles and indymedia vans at the g20, surfing friends flickr sites. catching up on the world.

remembering. missing. walking. wondering. slowly getting my head, heart and body realigned,

impatient for the moment it all clicks so i can head off again at breakneck speed.

last 2 months

i think i am about to stop, atleast briefly, in one place for more than 2 weeks (which hasnt happened for about 4 months).

i am excited, but also nervous to see what will happen when the breakneck speed shifts down a gear. which is what i think i want, but i know when it happens there'll be some inertia. something missing. when the blurs slow to still images.

in sydney. two amazing seasons of ngapartji ngapartji under our belts. trying to work out how to own success and not always look for cracks. but to sit and celebrate the amazing achievement of our collaborations... this is always such a hard one, in activism - owning victories, in any work where you don't stop - how do you take joy, stop, reflect and grin at the things you create?

so home for now will be an old chinese junk boat being prepared to be launched next month ( at manly boat shed. sydney hey. never spent more than a few days here, or 2 weeks working. so sydney in summer, beach, city pace, a long way from our blue tent. we'll see eh? might just be able to find some perspective on this last few months via the absolute gear shift to transient life on the water.

at least i will be able to see my relfection.

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