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Name: Phil Smith

Bio: vagus wandering. multiplicity. love having no geography knows no boundaries.

Photos: myth's photo libraries

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A letter to my 19 yo neice (and myself)

Hey great to hear from you. Sounds like you're onto it. Saying no can be difficult but you dont need to tie yourself down at this fun age. There's much more of a world than smoking bongs in Canberra or whatever. There are so many amazing experiences to be had that have nothing to do with what you wear, how you talk, who your parents are, who you can fuck etc. Many people will have you believe otherwise but thats because they've sold into this big lie. As long as you keep some perspective you can go wherever you want, talk to whoever you want and do whatever (sort of) you want. You can spend you whole life being a passive consumer or you can get out and be a part of the world and give something back in the process. I really hope you come here while I'm here or not. But there's always a place for you to stay while I am. Good luck saving. Write to me if you need moral support! Phil

Affirm dignity failure

Just need a few things

Hey lovely. I've been thinking of some things you can send me in the package. A small power board, my raincoat, some kisses, a letter with hand drawn pictures and a story, an almond magnum, a soy dandy, moby dick, pepperjack shiraz, a movie at the Nova, dinner at Marias, a bike ride through brunswick, a hug from everybody, some more kisses, a party, a comfortable bed, a clock that doesn't tick so loud, some friends, sunshine, enough swimming pool ettiquette for everyone in Delft, a beer at Rue Babs, the grassy top of Royal Park, your hand to hold, your neck to nussle, you, some more kisses, and... I'm sure there's something I've forgotten. I'll get back to you.
pip xxx

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