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Name: brian moreau

Bio: chinese medicine student, esoteric cowboy

Photos: dr. moreau's photo libraries

Reality Check ( 12th Dec, 2005 )
4x4 adventures wit my beduin nomad homies ( 8th Dec, 2005 )

Reality Check

hahaha, wow, what the? hah!
this internet bug is good,
you feel it slowly crawling up your spine
wondering what's happening in your own little cyberworld,
i know im addicted,
it's a great journal,
just venting all these experiences that have recently happened,

okay, reality check,

so i went to this place down The Nile called Aswan where they have put a mega dam..

The Good - they power all of Egypt off hydro-electricity from this dam.
Dam good.

The Bad - they have flooded soo much land creating the largest artificial lake in the world. Heaps of people had to relocate like the three gorges dam. Also 17 temples where flooded under water.
Dam bad.

They had to relocate the temples piece by piece.
The one i visited was called Phile and was dedicates to Isis.

Amazing history;
I'mlearning heaps about Egyptian mythology and general history of religion.
I love it, the guides hate it.
I ask too many questions and ones that are too left of field..

Anyway, the Phile temple was made 3000 years ago then Greeks invaded 2000 years ago then the Christians came in around 500 and then all other people controlled Egypt.
So basically, until 1952 Egypt had been controlled by other countries for 2000 years.

theres heaps more but wont go into detail,

The temple was relocated on this island in the middle of a beautiful lake, but the thing is, when the Christians came seeking refuge from the Romans in 500ad they ended up living in the temples.
Then they saw Egyptian god worship as paganism so, the fuckers defaced many of the temples by chipping out the hieroglyphics and burning them!
To make it worse they actually turned them in to churches.
They chiseled in crosses and put up altars, and plastered over the other stuff and painted shit like The Last Supper..
what the fuck...?
too weird,
came to the source only to find it pissed on by an inferior "religion".

I've been told heaps of cool Egyptian Mystery stuff - too much for email - except one of the reasons why the pyramids are in their particular sacred geometry is because in the first dimenion there is a dot.
In the second there is latitude and longitude - a cross.
In the third there is a cross elevated like an x,y,z axis.
So basically they are a representation of the third dimension - our reality - which they have surpassed through immortality, 'cause all these amazing temple are to achieve immortality.
This bring s me to what Terrence McKenna says "reality is a preparation for transcendance to the next dimension"..

Anyway this trip is really changing me.
Kinda like a reality bootcamp.
Can't decribe it, but the mystery of life is seeming more real..
Not gunna babble on, could for hours though..
i really need a good conversation about all this...

fuck lifes great

the next morning had to take a minibus at 3:30 am to go to another temple so i popped some valium to keep me asleep.
In my valium slumber i was woken to find a girl with a bleeding head in my lap,
Valium kept me complacent and i didn't understand..
So.. girl with bleeding head in my lap bleeding on me, cool, whatever...

what had happened;
a bus in front of me popped a tyre and went off the road and a Spanish girl smashed her head on a window and i woke up to her bleeding in my lap... anyway it all turned out cool, only superficial lesions.

For the past two days i have been on a felluca - a sailboat travelling down The Nile. Our Captain was called Captain Hash, and had Bob Marley painted all over his boat and we drifted along to reggae..
and the captain?

On the way we stopped at a camel market, which the camels come from Sudan and walk through the desert for forty days without food or water.


They are amazing creatures so prehistoric and chill.
They have these great poker faces and nothing phases them.
We actually import our camels over here cause there is a shortage, they use them for work and to eat, all the butchers have the prime hump rump.

Visited heaps of temples today. Im in Luxor, and they have a temple which is 60 acres big, the largest man made thingy, which was started 4000 years ago, what an amazing civilisation, walked around in awe in what this would have been like in the day, kinda like walking around a mega shopping center but devoted to the Gods.


yeah yeah yeah,
i'm getting burnt out,
seeing too much,
compressing it all in as im leaving for France in a couple of days and still have too much too see...

any way as fred alan wolf and rak razam say: "be the mystery"


xx brain

4x4 adventures wit my beduin nomad homies

where to start;
from the beginning or the end???

the beginnning..

i left aust, flew direct to london,
10 hour transit in heathrow,
6 hour flight to cairo,
so 40 hours of transit in my little time capsule.
there's a guy praying to mecca next to me as i write this email -

i decide to go out to the desert,
soon we arrive at Baharaya Oasis in the middle of a sand dune desert.
The ecology of the oasis is really weird, not just because it actually has palm trees and water and life, but because nothing was native.
You're in the middle of the desert and around you are mango trees, grapes, dates and all kinds of fruit trees.
There are even eucalyptus!
All the Beduin people all meet under acacia trees which are everywhere....

So i took a 4x4 tour with these young crazy Bediun Nomads who seem to have traded there camels for old school landcruisers..
Fuck it was fun ripping over those sanddunes.
These muslims really know how to express their inner yobbo.
love is a good bond, but rorting 4 wheel drives
with strangers certainly creates a connection.

The nomads took me to this amazing place called the White Desert.
Picture a Salvador Dali landscape of sand dunes with white limestone pillars, similar to The Pinnacles in Western Australia but actually more like Star Wars on the planet where they had the pod racing.

I learn that these white limestone pinnacles used to be the bottom of the ocean and there
are fossilised shells still here. The ground is littered with black iron pyrite. The land has this feeling of being ancient and that life has already passed through it and it cannot be owned by anyone.

At sunset and sunrise you get this incredible colour spectrum because all the white in the environment reflects all the colour, so on top of a horizontal colour wheel in the sky you also get a vertical spectrum of colour as well.
If it wasnt for the Moon and Venus i would have believed i was on another planet.

After the night in the desert the boys took me to a place where i could fossick heaps of meteorites and then a place called Crystal Mountain which literally is a quartz mountain with crystal spewing out of it!
Sooooo much fun!
I got me some quartz and flourite and some tourmulated stuff too.
I could have spent days looking for meteorites and crystals but the guides weren't as excited as i was.

I got back to Cairo last night and met a girl from Melbourne that knew my friend
Josh Billam and we hung out.
Small world.

Today... The Pyramids at Giza...
When i got there it seemed like an amusement park.
People were busy taking photos of the
outside even though the true mystery lies within.
It seemed like everyone was here for the external gratification of visiting a major landmark with proof in a photograph but few seemed really interested in the significance of what the pyramids actually represent.

So not many people actually went in to the chamber of the main pyramid - great!
The feeling inside was deep and earthy.
You could actually feel it resonate like a river flowing with current.
When i got to the kings chamber where the sarcophagus is i waited till there were no tourists (which was quite lucky) then i jumped into the sarcophagus and started a mantra..
The feeling of the noise resonated sooo well i felt like i was in this incredible tuning fork and the sound was reverbating all through me..
ahhhhhhh, ooohhhhh, heavy.

When i got out of the pyramid I was so open I was tripping.
I zonked out for about half an hour amongst the tourist kaos around me,
i have been wasted all day..

Visiting a Muslim country is interesting.
The people are really warm and relaxed.
Only thing is they dont drink - which healthwise has been good for me - but
at the end of a hot day all you want is a cold beer..
You can find them but its a mission.
Also I've been getting into the sheeshas or hookas, but the bars don't have sheeshas and the sheesha places dont have beer... shit.

Tonite i go down to Luxor.

lotsa love,
ench allah

dr. brain moreau,
the esoteric cowboy

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