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Name: nairn johnston

Bio: Irish/Australian,,,runner,walker,hitch hiker,driver,sailor,explorer,collector,watcher,teller. Nairn has been traveling a solid 15 years,gone from all methods of transport to his latest and now fulltime job/lifestyle,,,as a sailor,,,cruising the worlds oceans and exploring new lands in one of the oldest methods of transport.7 years on the high seas and many stories and sights there be....An understanding of ancient salty sea dog tales that makes me nostrils flare.

Photos: nanadjun's photo libraries

last stop freetown ( 25th Feb, 2008 )
creature dredit credit ( 20th Jul, 2007 )
16 days ( 7th May, 2007 )
Gallo Pinto ( 20th Apr, 2007 )
Going Away ( 20th Mar, 2007 )
Tuna Pirates ( 6th Mar, 2007 )
Uninhabited ( 6th Mar, 2007 )

last stop freetown

Just going to get some milk ,,,

Tell im whatever ,,,I just got to get of this boat...

We have just punched out through the Straits of Gibraltor hung a left and headed south towards the warmer waters and trade winds of the Equator area....10 days of rolling and not even a fish to taste....

the cape verdes ,,,,a forgotten place i am sure ,,,who comes here ,,,dusty sand blasted islands ,cobble stone streets and a memory of huge fishing fleets.people drying there catch on the slopping concrete walls of the harbour entrance and swatting away the flies and dogs that look on at a salty snack......There were times here when the storie says that the locals used to feed lobster to the dogs there were so many....mmmmmm....last stop freetown the man reminded me last stop before the rest of the world...

What did he meen by this .....last stop before arriving or last stop before going - either way he was here to remind this was my last stop.....

Pick up the deisel and throw the lines ,take me back to the ocean ,take me back to the sea,take me back to ocean the place I want to be...

Island star fading behind - Last stop free town

creature dredit credit

20 days ,,,,,and we missed Easter island ,dam there is alot of water out there..I think I finally found the middle of no-where and there was no-one there !!!!! shit ,so we just sailed on by and no-one ever new we were there ,,,where was it that we were well just some numbers really LAT/LONG ,,,,,,keep sailing ,,,,,,,Big difference taking the slow or even the fast boat or a plane ,,,BIG BIG difference ,,,,,the world is actually a big place ,,we maybe like to think its small so we feel better about it ,,,but I still reckon its prettty big.Nearly made land fall in Pitcairn island ,,,,we were there flouting out of the clifffs looking at the island but the sea was so ruff we couldnt get ashore ,,,we had a chat with some locals over the radio and they waved us bon voyage to our next destination,,,,,20 days ,,,dam there is alot of water out there !!!!!!

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