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Name: Adzzy

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basel dazzle ( 31st Mar, 2008 )

basel dazzle
[ file under: Working Holiday? ]

a slight flashback messrplatzmadness
written about 3 days ago..

the first taste of freedom i got after the world psych i was in tram and suddenly this guy started playing a piano accordion. these beautifully tunes and the guy was so enjoying himself.. thats when i realised i was really in europe.... my home... having not traveled for so so long i decided to stay in basel recovering from being back in the cold for the first time in 20 years,, well nothing could prepare me for this... total culture shock . i knew in the since i had a
seems folk are a lot more free here.. for instance i am exploring basel thursday night and i arrive at one of the main platz's, community squares as we would call them, where the basel historical musuem is, all around the musuem theres groups of kids hundreds of them, drinking openly in the main square, its a community gathering, theres no risk of cops busting them, in fact the swiss filth are nowwhere to be found.. around the the platz theres these bars with balconies, and it seems like the adults, the elders are passivly observing the kids, giving their blessing to the same thing they did when they were 16 year olds... its a beutifull moment and i relize i'm not in oz-zie osborne anymore, thekids drinking in a socially acceptable public setting, their parents/adults drinking in the bars above the platz, the familiar aus-facist rules of social oppresion don't apply here... and funilly enough the swiss don't have the same deviancy problems of underage binge drinking etc... recently in queensland thanks to howrudd the problem of underage binge drinking has come to the fore, and they are even thinking of raising the legal age to drink alcohol well i would love to scream at anna bligh - don't you dare supress youth energy you satan mssucubus!!! queensland somehow going against the grain and devolving, people seem to regressing back to some sort of ameoba-sweat state and now they want to introduce prohibition into aboriginal communities, and they use this word openly... unfuckingbelievable... next we'll be back to legalised ab hunting but anyway back to my rant... i am in this platz, the kids are drinking... i am watching these gorgeous swiss girls ride down the street wit their gorgeous swiss hair flowing . This seems to be the crux of the matter. labor-traitor governments attempting to impose social controls in lieu of controls on global capital and the global economic system, socio-fascist government that has feels it has lost control the've fucking stalled- heh the other things seems to be that not everyone locks their bikes up .. and it is possible to just grab a bike and ride around .. apparently.. the trams are really cool


finally it happened. the moment i got my traveler-accolytepass back, walkaboutmojo dazzled by basel the beauty of the euro, self guiding neuro-holistic programming, reboot overhoot i just gave bill gates a virus , he started makin lixquidxpvistjah drops, the kungfuhowdoido walkabout was always a nice dojo.there is something about wandering about that really places it wit other methods to trancelike bliss such as staring at the sun or taking lots of empathogens,. the fear facesuckers never bothered to wipe their serpent stains so it took movin away from the most commercial part of basel and moving away from hotels, and attendant merchants so i'm in st albans hostel next to the rhine with an aqueduct-tributary flowing under my window.. i've been exploring tram lines gown to the end, i met these kids in an outer suburb, i smiled at the pirate flag flying over a playground ship as we puffed away, 17 year old tokers always seem to remind me of myself... the river is so clean theres fish and mermaids an pretty clear like the soulofyourlight so suprising as this is one of the cneters for pharmacutical corporations the rhine is prob filled with antideppresants and opiods. theres a ferry that goes across the rhine by a wire attached to a moving thing and the current takes the boat across.. nifty eh? oh did i mention the bells?? you're walking through an area and suddenly you hear this cacophony of bells , its all the churches or other buildings ringing their bells, . for an instant you toally focus on the warm vibrations of the chime and its afterglow.. no matter where u seem to go wandering about you always hear the bells its all about the bells. we hear them because of the time because of the time because the swiss are really aware of time, they're living in their time, the're making time, you can see how things operate here differently, it takes a while to figure out the how to use the cola machines (you have to press the button twice in between putting in your coins) and they have lipton ice tea on tap in mcdonals.

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