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Name: Benjamin W Wild

Bio: Non-practicing athiest. Binge-thinker. Domesticated animist. Alien. Poet. Cynic. Hopeless romantic. Size 10 shoes.


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Some Thoughts on Travel

there is obviously something that we travellers are looking for,
or running from;
and it's sometimes the same thing.
some come to find themselves,
others to lose themselves,
and some just don't know what the fuck is going on.
they might never think about it.

mind you- you can be travelling at home,
to and from work.
we are just stories about time after all.
for me- i guess it's living without social expectation;
like going to a job i hate each day,
on a train or bus with my fellow strangers who don't look at me,
but worry about what i, a stranger, think of them,
and who also hate their jobs,
who stare at the pictures of white beaches and palms trees on the bus wall,
advertising a two week holiday for $3000
that i can travel the world on until i find myself back in one of those buses,
staring at the white beach and palm trees and thinking
"what the fuck am i doing here?
and how can i get back there as soon as possible?
and better yet, how can i stay there?"

travel for me is just being unemployed, but in other countries.

i am not lazy- i just appreciate doing nothing.
even in Australia i can appreciate doing nothing,
but our cultural agenda is warped and it's expectations of it's citizens
is that they are born into the freedom of slavery on an island colony
where they must work, save, pay bills, and not ask any questions.

the road is free, but it's not that cheap.

perhaps the only freedom most of us ever know.
which is of course ironic-
to come from such western countries that are envied by the poor countries
who make and manufacture all of our household lifestyle shit,
that live on top of each other in crushed egg-carton housing with
bodies of shit floating underneath,
and everyone eating out of the same bowl of rice,
that we travel to and say,
"wow- you guys are so free over here.
you can ride a bike without a helmet and have a beer in your hand".

'we' are the slaves of luxury,
'they' are the slaves of poverty,
and the only difference really,
is that you can find happiness in either one,
you just have to be happy with yourself.

when you travel everyone wants your money,
but at home,
they want you in debt.
and so we are slaves to ourselves as well.
like Ginsbergs Theorum states-
'you cannot win,
you cannot break even,
and you cannot leave the game.'


travel is a vacation from more than just your own culture,
it's when you go and visit yourself-
like some strange cousin or play friend that you knew when you were a child,
but now you've both grown up and have no idea who the other person has become,
or if you even like them.

the history of ourself,
is rewritten by the hand of the present, for the future to read;
and you have to look at the world from a new perspective,
because you have no context here in the real world,
you come from a safe, little bubble called 'home'
and it is where you rot in comfort, and work on your ego's tan.



history is debatable, because after a while, no one was there.

we travel into countries whose history we know nothing about,
let alone our own.
we can't even remember our childhood with great clarity,
it has been stolen and repackaged and sold back to us by our vagueness.
it has been hijacked by nepotism's agenda for a material world.
it has been bleached out of our minds by the media.
it is 'Once Upon a Time...'

i can appreciate the death of culture as much as i can appreciate the life of a culture,
it's just the revenue and bureaucracy that kills me.
all these slave masters that we bow down to who write our laws for us,
which we obey and fund,
to keep the fucking economy strong,
that we take for granted and use to fill the empty holes of love in ourselves,
to buy material things that we are told, and often believe, will make us happy.
(what ghost or soul would require a house full of things?)


there is no money in freedom, nor freedom in money.

we fight wars for peace because there is no money in peace.
we keep feeding the military and sending it out to kill so that the monster won't turn on it's own kind,
which it often does when it realises how much power it has,
that it has it's own police, and court, and transport, and is just a country in camoflague
that fights other countries in camoflague,
but everyone who is not playing in the war still gets shot.
and if the monster doesn't get fed,
then it will eat it's own kind.
this calls into question- what is going on?

i don't believe that reality is a democracy,
and yet we all seem to agree on the same things,
and still fail, even in our own eyes to achieve them.
we blame the government, when we are the government,
we just don't govern,
we want to be ruled, and so we are,
we want to change, and yet we don't.
we agree, and yet we fight.

we say that there should be peace and equality in the world,
that our children should grow up healthy and well educated,
that there should be tolerance and respect for each other,
that we should celebrate our humanity,
not persecute others for being human...

and just when do we do this?
or are we waiting for someone else to do it for us?
(maybe they will eat and drink for us as well).
do we do this at home,
or do we realise this when we go travelling
and are exposed to the kaleidescope of wonder that is our world,
which in turn reveals the lies of home,
and creates a desire for a better world?


the laws are objective, but reality is not.

the same goes for science, religion, and being a human.
after all, there are as many ways to be a person as there are people.
i appreciate the fact that God has written laws that we cannot usurp.
like the law of change.
that no one gets out of here alive.
that running around doing everyone else's bidding just ends in the grave,
and even the King goes there,
and the Boatman doesn't give a fuck about his credit.
but even on the road we are leaving bread crumbs to find our way home.
we are on a tether, or a leash,
and our society usually holds the other end,
and it wants us back,
because we are literally considered to be it's property.
that we are owned,
and that this is not negotiable.

i'm sorry but
life does not give refunds,
you have to live it,
you cannot postpone it beyond the day you are booked to have your last great sleep,
your out of body experience,
your free trip to white beaches and palm trees.
you live to work, or work to live.
i work to travel, and i travel to live.

and yes,
i do wonder-
'perhaps there is nothing left to find after a while-
because the searching and questioning;
like the answer,
is inexhaustible.
it even requires that i stop writing.' ...


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