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Name: Si

Bio: i'm a nervous unconfident young man at the same time of being an egomaniac i am a romantic fatalist and seek to dream everything into a cushioned existence i like to dance, like a wailing jazz banshee released i'm on the run most of the time to or from something or someone up and down the peaks of release and enlightenment mostly I've been a lucky bum.

Photos: Si's photo libraries

Meccaburn ( 2nd Sep, 2008 )
Magnolia Wine ( 2nd Sep, 2008 )
Diamond Desera ( 2nd Sep, 2008 )
Dream I didn't have ( 2nd Sep, 2008 )
Opulence & Translucion ( 2nd Sep, 2008 )
Kota Kinabalu ( 2nd Sep, 2008 )


where does neon come from?
where is that lcd ejaculation of electricity
shot forth from?
and the razor slippers of the citys mad sleepless wandering and glitz dizzy superimposing reach deeper into itself to build higher wider brighter more words than breath and collapse only the years like its calloused dreams falling short of the firework cacophony, a pretzal your boomerang car boot sale of industry
the city's articulation is one of circulation, and blood, like currancy, runs deep in genocide (this is all still melbourne bub)
the citttties hub lip gloss fairy floss philosophy three book part series, coin collected coffee cups, charisma jacked humble corrected ipod ties suits and cuff linked properganda, heralding the sun in yesterdays wet back alley tattered newspaper some bearded forgotten poor mans memory, his pillow todays headlines..
but the cough of grisle
workers hammocked only by tobacco tattoos and passing coporate pussywillow pockets of ass and titty
the citys uncollided chaos, forever unstrung and rewired the unplayed harp
all the tram lines, chords dully played by the goth choir of commuters

but i abrupt
i concept of recepticals and cubicals like the inverse of picassos bull horns in the honeycomb catacombs of those high rise glass sacophocus's
mascara was cleopatras not only battered ebony stone crushed beneath slaves feet, charcoal, the ash of bones, elephants in the distance wilting like horizons summer flowers

upon the chisled statues and the dust that thickens on the south bank eucalyps, who sees the sap of blood running dry to crack rumblesome tumble fuck and buckle suckle on the mud of wheelbarrow lovers from Yarra's ledge "to remind of uranium song that claps through all our wallets"

the solemn kookaburra breaks into infinite maddness
he is the shaman quetzelcotl
working the whitemans cogs into the dreamless death of his blacksooted fate
the white picket fence
a thousand crusifixes farmed forever west of the city
in the small spaces between
screaming heirogliphics
graffitti drips and people slip into slang
and sling shots like money towards another false mecca

Magnolia Wine

dusk falls into the mountains womb
as we pull of the dirt road
& she climbs atop my shoulders to pick magnolias

magnolia wine we drink out here
in the land of primal mystics
& golden graced women
the land drowsy with lotuses
out here the space between breaths unfolds like a calm storm

there are blueprints in your body that come to ligt out here
indigo honeycomb catacombs of bliss-essence
out here echo's from the soul exist

out here all words are to be punctuated with laughter or be it a kiss
out here i sacrifice myself to the rhythm of my heart
& dance in my blood

Samsara life is cast into the wind chimes & rivers monsoon flood

Out here, ancient architectures whisper alchemic altrusions to the compounds in your chakras
& one by one rings them like the church bells at midday

out here the matchstick mind is struck to rush
like resonate waves
crashing on the shoreline at hightide

Where else to find such a pure-madness distilled from clockwork?
where time runs according to emotions chords unwinding & intuitive networks

Insert, love here
for rainforests are sequins in the elasticisim of all nature
the breast all life/vibrations milk in order for activation

out here the tapestry of the soil is naked
the dreaming moist, a consequencal creation

out here the mind becomes impregnated with soul
& thus look to birth ourselves from cocoons & barcoded tattoos of culture
that were beyond our control

out here melancholi drinks from drowsy lotuses
out here wine is pourn from dusk picked magnolias
the lips in every dawn speak 'lover'
out here the land of primal mystics & golden graced women

out here in the deep hypnotic kiss of Gaia
freedom is suddenly realised under new moon
round campfire

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