A Map of a Dream of the Future

posted on December 7th 2009 in Art projects & Festivals with 0 Comments

A Map of a Dream of the Future (AMDF) is my new contemporary art project, commissioned for the Junction 2010 Australian Regional Arts Conference. Based around a collective re-imagining of Tasmania’s future, it aims to stimulate, document and express the thinking of a generation of young Tasmanians about climate change and island sense of place. It is a public installation, an online environment, and a State-wide community-based art and education program.

Map of a Dream of the Future - concept 1

Map of a Dream of the Future - concept 1

Through workshops and an artistic education kit distributed to Tasmanian schools, young Tasmanians are invited to envisage how they want their lives and communities to look in response to climate change.

The results – images, stories, ideas and detailed statistical data – are collected and displayed as part of a virtual online future Tasmania, as designed by its young people.

The project is presented to the public as a contemporary art installation that uses sophisticated data-visualisation to map young people’s dreams about the future. The installation is both a surreal and beautiful experimental garden, and a huge three-dimensional graph that shows the spread of young Tasmanians’ thinking about climate futures.

For more information about the project, check it out here: A Map of a Dream of the Future