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A friend of mine once wrote a reprise of Ginsberg’s Howl that referenced this project: “I saw the best minds of my generation making virtual 3D hairstyle modelling software…” Stellure is, you guessed it, virtual 3d hairstyling software. It’s an amazing concept, brainchild of entrepreneur extraordinaire Daniel Sim Lind, whereby you upload photos of yourself, the system builds a 3d model of your face, and you can then see what you’d look like with hundreds of different hairstyles. From every angle. Oh yes.

I wrote the flash application for this from the ground up, at a time when Flash had appalling garbage collection, no caching and serious memory issues. I wrote a custom caching system for the hundreds of images it loads in, not to mention a whole lot of custom xml handlers and the like. It’s all standard in Flash these days, but I was pretty proud of it at the time.

Client: Stellure; eCOSM

Role: Flash application development and user interface design

Online: 2004 – present.