Shapeshifter website

posted on March 21st 2009 in Web / flash design with 0 Comments

Shapeshifter are one of New Zealand’s best-loved bands, with a world-wide following for their jazz-influenced live drum & bass. I’ve partied to their music for years, and it was an honour to be invited to build them a website. In creating a web presence for them, I worked with the twin concepts of their organic, shifting, instrumental approach to their music, and the hard-edged, technical drum and bass aesthetic that holds it all together. To that end, the website is a kind of organic layout engine, with a library of shapes, textures and colours being recombined on the fly to create a different look each and every time you visit. Laid over the top of this shifting background is the majority of the content, its contrasting colours and hard-edged, angular feel intended to capture the digital element in their sound.

Oh, and it’s also a great big pile of shifting shapes.

Client: Shapeshifter Music

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